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Square1paragliding is a South African Hang Gliding Paragliding Association  affiliated training school, internationally recognized by FAI through the Aero club of South Africa.

Here at Square1Paragliding we live and breath aviation. Paragliding is our passion and passions are meant to be shared. We provide Paragliding lessons, tours, tandem paragliding flights and equipment sales. We guarantee that you will always get honest and unbiased information from us. We are professionals dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers, guaranteed.

We are now the Proud dealers of Skywalk Paragliders. We service the greater Gauteng areas.Whether you are looking to buy a new paraglider, harness or reserve, we are here for you. Basically, whatever you need to get you in the air and keep you there, we have it!


Expert Training

Sqaure1paragliding is a fully recognized training facility under the South African Paragliding and Hang Gliding association recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority. Registration and affiliation number RAA005/51

Fledgling intro course

Do you want to find out if paragliding is for you?
This fledgling course is a very safe and great for anyone interested in paragliding to experience the great world of free flying, this exiting course is designed to introduce complete beginners to the fantastic world of paragliding, learn the basic techniques required to control the paraglider wing on the ground in a practice know as ground handling, get a basic understanding of paragliding equipment and how they work,break the bonds of gravity and take control on your very first flight in the form of a tandem training flight with one of our highly qualified and experienced flight instructors,this course is recommended for both young and old also makes a great gift certificate.

pilot course

This course is designed for the complete beginner and is aimed at building a solid foundation for students to become confident solo paragliding pilots.
Dedicated to providing the best training available in South Africa we have designed an in depth and comprehensive pilots course that makes learning to fly fun while keeping things safe. Our students consistently exceed the minimum requirements of 35 flights 4 hours airtime that is set out by The CAA, thereby graduating with skill and experience that is way above average. Training takes place along the garden route in wilderness South Africa which is the Mecca for free flight in South Africa, endless coastal cliffs and never ending sand dunes provide some of the best training grounds in the world, yes that’s right, in the world.

Advanced pilot course

Take your flying career to new heights with this specialist course, Designed to bridge the gap between the basic paragliding license and the advanced sport license.
This fun filled course has been specifically designed to make you the best pilot that you can be, here is a 3 in 1 package where you can take advantage of our advanced ground handling, meteorology and cross country thermalling courses. You will find that our instructors and programs come highly recommend, many pilots come to us for continued education and remark that they wish they had come to us in the first place .


Come Fly With Us

Experience Tandem

Tandem Paragliding is a safe, easy and fun way to experience the thrill of free flight for the first time.

Whether you are an aspiring pilot interested in learning to Paraglide or just want to feel the sensation of majestically soaring through the sky like a eagle, a tandem Paragliding flight is the best way to get in the air. Seated in front of an highly qualified and experienced tandem flight instructor, you are free to sit back, relax and soak up the unobstructed 360 degree views. We offer short introductory flights of 10-15 minutes to longer instructional Cross-Country flights of up to 45min. Square1paragliding and our instructors are dedicated to providing a well organized, safe professional service making your tandem Paragliding flight an unforgettable experience, guaranteed!

The adventure of a lifetime.

Your African paragliding experience awaits.

Welcome to Square1paragliding is a South African Hang Gliding Paragliding Association  affiliated training school, internationally recognized by FAI through the Aeroclub of South Africa.

Sharing both our love for South Africa and our passion for paragliding, we have put together very unique and exciting paragliding tours.
Fantastic weather, long mountain ranges and uninterrupted coastal cliffs are just a few of the reasons that South Africa is known to be amongst the best free flying that the world has to offer. Come Fly With Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Is paragliding safe?

Paragliding is as safe as you are! Statistically, it is the one of the safest forms of aviation . This is due to the slow speeds that Paraglider’s fly at compared to other aircraft. It is also because most pilots only fly in suitable weather and in a responsible manner having received professional instruction and bought high quality equipment. As long as the Paragliding community continues to follow these principles, the sport will maintain its high safety record.

Is Paragliding expensive ?

Paragliding is by far the least expensive form of aviation, At square1paragliding we have specially designed courses that are all inclusive of all the equipment and training materials needed throughout the course with no hidden cost to you.

Is paragliding easy to learn ?

Learning to fly a paraglider can be very easy for most people and a bit harder for others. Due to the physical aspect of the sport, the fitter you are the easier it is to learn how to Paraglide However, this Course is designed to cater for those with different levels of fitness and is designed to be run at the pace of the individual.

What about weight restrictions or age limits?

If you are under the age of 18 please note that your parent or guardian needs to sign off for the flight. Currently we enforce weigh restrictions between 25kg and 115kg.Please feel free to talk to us if you have any medical conditions or special needs!